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We are an innovative and value driven company in the business of Seafood products with the SPINY LOBSTER as our specialty.

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Our Spiny Lobster comes from the warm waters of the Caribbean. We obtain our exquisite products first hand from Dominican Republic, Honduras and Belize. We are also proud to export to Canada the best Spiny Lobster from Santa Marta in Colombia where we have obtained the exclusivity of shipments to our partners in Canada. We pride ourselves as one of the leader importers in this area. 

Our products are premium quality and with the most competitive prices in the seafood industry

We are based in North York, Ontario Canada and Miami, Florida USA. We are steadily expanding to all markets in North America with our sole objective to explore new business opportunities with you and your company, and offer you the best service, with the best quality and at the best price.

Experience & Skills
Fishing experience
Collection and preparation
Exportation and importation
Delivery to end point
  • Fishing Experience and Preparation

    Our products have been harvested sustainably for generations in the warm waters of the Caribbean. Always choosing the best quality products, packing it fresh for shipment

  • Cooling and export

    After our premium products are prepared and packed, we go to cooling to the exact temperature for exporting fresh and safely.

  • Arrival at destination and Transport to our Partners

    We receive the products, clear customs and transport it right to the doors of our partners. We will always fulfill our agreements and delivery our premium products to our clients right on time.

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The Finest of the Caribbean

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